Sunday, January 22, 2017

North Norfolk

I have to warn you. This post contains no pictures. The reason for this is that, being stupid,  I forgot to bring my camera charger on the trip so I couldn't take any pictures. It does, however, contain a few shots taken with my phone, not of birds but of landscapes.

I flew to London Stansted on Friday, and drove up to King's Lynn in Norfolk. The next morning, I set out to see two Glaucous gulls that had been reported from Sheringham, which I failed to locate. However, I did see a flock of incredibly tame Ruddy turnstones on the boardwalk in the town, eating bread thrown by humans along with starlings, pigeons and gulls.

I was more successful at my next stop, Titchwell Marsh, an RSPB reserve. I observed Bar-tailed and Black-tailed godwits, Dunlins, Sanderlings, oystercatchers, two Pied avocets, Black-bellied plovers and a Common ringed plover.

On Sunday I headed to Snettisham to try and witness the famous spectacle of thousands of Pink-footed Geese at dawn leaving an enormous mudflat called the Wash to reach sugar beet fields inland. I arrived a little late, but I still saw many Pink-footed Geese flying in formation and calling loudly. I also saw large numbers of various shorebirds, pheasants, a hare and even a weasel of some sort. Although shorebirds are much more impressive at low tide, the Wash itself is impressive at high tide, as it is a truly colossal area with river-like stretches of water running through its entirety.

Snettisham RSPB - 22/01/2017
 The Wash at Snettisham RSPB - 21/01/2017

Snettisham RSPB - 22/01/2017 - If you look closely there is a pheasant in this picture.

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